Hi, My name is Angela Cass and I started ‘Weird Weave’ from home after learning to weave on a Saori loom at the Saori Shed in Diss; Norfolk, with Kim Morgan in 2014.

I enjoy making mainly jackets, wraps & scarves.
Most of my garments are loosely based on Japanese designs using freestyle woven strips, with very little cutting and shaping. I prefer them to be pinned and folded allowing the body to create the shape, making each piece individual.

I mostly work with Shetland wool as there is a variety of colours available to choose from, additionally the way it felts together after washing makes the material easier to work with, soft, warm and light to wear.
I sometimes like to add locally sourced hand spun fleece and reuse strips of old material for texture and effect.

My inspiration comes from a mixture of the colours and landscapes found throughout the Essex marshlands where I live, and designs from other cultures around the world.

For further information or enquiries please contact me at: weirdweave@gmail.com