My name is Angela Cass and I make handwoven freestyle items on a Japanese Saori loom.

I started weaving in Feb 2014 after attending a workshop run by Kim Morgan at the Saori Shed in Diss.

The essence of the Saori style according to its founder, Misao Jo, is “to develop individuality, not merely produce articles.”

With this in mind all the pieces I make are different and based on simple Japanese designs that require minimal cutting and fit around the natural shape of the body.

There are no restrictions and the patterns often evolve as I weave.

I make a range of pieces, including wraps, ponchos, boleros, waistcoats and jackets.

The wool I use is mainly Shetland but I often add locally sourced, hand spun wool into the designs for texture and interest.

‘Weird’ is from the Anglo Saxon ‘wyrd’ corresponding to fate or personal destiny, also some of my pieces look slightly odd until worn, when the shape becomes more defined.

My inspiration often comes from nature, especially the plants and woodland around the area where I live in Rowhedge.

Over the last 18 months I have started to run workshops at various local venues.  Keeping in mind the Saori freestyle ethos these day courses are introductions to weaving using a basic frame loom, with an emphasis on using recycled and up-cycled materials.

For further information or enquiries please contact me, Angela Cass at: weirdweave@gmail.com